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While our core values are excellence and innovation, our mission statement is to provide high quality and stylish products with extreme protection and comfort for your horses during training and competition. With our own expertise, you can be certain that the protection, comfort and well-being of your horse always comes first.

Naast het ontwikkelen van nieuwe producten blijft Kentucky Horsewear ook steeds weer hun bestaande producten verbeteren naar het advies van ruiters en grooms die dagelijks Kentucky Horsewear producten gebruiken.



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Artificial rabbit skin is mainly used as a lining for our horse rugs. The artificial rabbit skin has some great advantages. It’s extremely soft which prevents the horses from getting rubs on the shoulders. Another great advantage is that the hairs don’t stick in the lining. Thanks to the small and soft hairs, your horses get a shinier coat in the same way as they get polished with a woollen glove. The artificial rabbit skin also creates tiny air pockets that trap and retain the body heat. Because of the high warmth to weight ratio the artificial rabbit skin offers excellent comfort.




The Recuptex range is created from a patented 21st century fabric called Recuptex. Made from the finest stainless steel yarn in the world based on Bekaert Bekinox technology*, the weaving acts like a Faraday cage, reflecting the magnetic fields created inside the body. Preserving these fields stimulates blood circulation and oxygen flow in the horses’ legs which heals and both reduces swelling and inflammations and enables faster healing of micro-fractures.

*the Inox yarn is made by Bekaert, one of the biggest Belgian companies specializing in stainless steel products.. 



Thanks to the use of Solimbra on the outer shell of some of our boots, we can provide enhanced protection for your horses.

The laminated Solimbra outer offers all weather protection combined with extreme breathability. The fabric has been tested under the hardest conditions and continues to prove its worth in the field. The boots will not absorb water guaranteeing a lightweight and dry alternative to a heavy soaking boot.

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